Pepa and Her Pup

2 Minimalist Orange Resin Mom Dog & Puppy Sculptures

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Sleek and modern, two stylish dogs come to life in mandarin orange. Carlos Angrigiani depicts the mom dog and her pup in a tribute to motherhood. He begins with modeling clay and adds successive layers of wax to create a prototype with the desired textures to make a mold. The final sculptures come to life in resin and cement, protected with a coat of varnish. 'I like to think of creating these sculptures on a large scale as part of Mexico City's urban landscape,' the artist confides. 'They carry a message of family love.'
  • Resin, cement
  • 1.59 lbs
  • Largest Piece: 7.8 inches H x 2 inches W x 11.8 inches D
  • Smallest Piece: 4.3 inches H x 0.8 inches W x 6 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Carlos Angrigiani