Sync Cronos

Abstract Hummingbird on Hand Black and White Painting

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Myriad letters in black disperse over a white expanse shaping a left hand, palm up. They form an ho'oponopono that Fernando Niragob uses as a mantra for self-healing and cleansing featuring the words Perdóname (Forgive me), Gracias (Thank you) and Te amo (I love you). Written in ink, the letters alternatively disperse and concentrate, brilliantly shaping a hummingbird. 'The title, 'Sync Cronos,' means 'At the Same Time' and the hummingbird over the extended palm represent synchronicity,' explains the Mexican artist. 'The image represents good timing and a good omen. It indicates that everything is in perfect order and in its rightful place.'
  • Ink on Fabriano paper
  • 0 oz
  • 8.3 inches W x 11.3 inches H
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Fernando Niragob