Animalia Series II Yin Yang

Abstract Painting

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Beto Araluce explores duality with this cryptic abstract. 'Duality has always existed in nature. On one side, the scorpion and on the other a noble snail,' he says. 'One cannot exist without the other – the forces of nature as complements and in opposition. These are metaphoric forms of light and darkness. Neither exists without the other.' Araluce creates the pyro-engravings on wood and applies paint with a crackled finish.

Titled 'Serie Animalia II Ying Yang' in Spanish.
  • Enamel on pinewood
  • 3.46 lbs
  • 21.3 inches H x 21.3 inches W x 1.6 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Beto Araluce