Gye Nyame and Sankofa

African Kente Cloth Wall Collage

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Traditional Adinkra symbols of Ghana inspire this captivating painting by Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah. The upper image represents sankofa, meaning 'go back to your roots,' a message conveyed through the form of a bird with its head tilted backwards. Below, the impressive Gye Nyame symbol appears, its rotating movements understood as 'I fear none except God.' A colorful kente cloth vision for any collection.

Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah describes his process, 'First and foremost, I assemble my working tools, after which I sketch images on the calico cloth. With the sketches done, I sprinkle red and green oil paints on the calico cloth to give it a simple colorful background. I then cut out particular places I intend to replace with kente, which are later glued together. Afterwards, I dry and frame my collage work.'

Arrives framed in sese wood.
  • Oil, kente cloth and ink on calico clothH
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah