Perpetual Glow

Amber and peridot drop earrings

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SKU: 170580
Guillermo Arregui selects cool peridot and natural amber for this elegant design. Polished silver is transformed into sleek settings that complement the gemstones' glow in earrings of perennial beauty.

Please note amber is a natural, fossilized resin, and thus color can differ. Amber may enclose moss or lichen as it is part of the natural fossilizing process. In this way, each pair of earrings is unique, since no two amber pieces can be the same.

.925 Sterling silver
  • Sterling silver, amber and peridot
  • 0 oz
  • 1.4 inches L x 0.4 inches W x 0.2 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Guillermo Arregui