Sunflower Catrina

Ceramic sculpture

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Elegant Catrina strolls around the park under a wide-brimmed hat, parasol at hand. Artisans from the Angel Cerón Artisan Association conjure her flamboyant appearance inspired by the original work of José Guadalupe Posadas. A renowned author, journalist and political cartoonist (1852-1913), he created Catrina, (meaning 'dapper') and her mate, Catrin, as caricature symbols of Mexico's politicians, implying that after all, they too die. Since then, Catrina has become an essential element of Day of the Dead celebrations but without the political underpinnings. She represents Mexico's comedic attitude towards death.

Part of NOVICA's Dia de los Muertos collection.
  • Ceramic, pinewood and cotton trim
  • 2.58 lbs
  • 18 inches H x 4.5 inches W x 4.1 inches D
  • Made in Mexico