Pensive Tonatiuh

Collectible Aztec Ceramic Sculpture Museum Replica

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Sitting pensively on rocks, Tonatiuh looks to the horizon in this ceramic sculpture by artisans from the Angel Cerón Artisan Association, who are formally authorized to replicate pre-Hispanic museum pieces. Their care for detail is admirable as they craft this loyal replica of the original, which is dated between 1325 and 1521 A.D., and is regarded as unique, in that the Aztec deity is represented in human form. In the Aztec Mexica Parthenon, Tonatiuh is the sun god, leader of the heavens. According to legend, when the deities needed to find a sun god when the previous one was killed and became the moon, they considered two deities, Tecusistécatl who was rich, yet cowardly and proud, and Nanahuatzin who was poor yet of noble heart. They both had to pass the fire test, and Tecusistécatl went first. Unable to withstand the heat he leapt out, and when Nanahuatzin got into the fire, a spark reached the skies bringing light. Thus Nanahuatzin became Tonatiuh, the Fifth Sun.
  • Ceramic
  • Museum replica(s)
  • Signed by the artist
  • 3.79 lbs
  • 10.3 inches H x 5 inches W x 6.8 inches D
  • Made in Mexico