Sun Dancers

Collectible Kokopelli Steel Wall Art

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Painted by hand in warm, happy colors, three images of Kokopelli dance and play a song for the sun. A prehistoric image, this deity is usually depicted with a humped back, playing a flute. Legends suggest Kokopelli was a Toltec trader who traveled from central Mexico to the southwestern deserts and mountains of the U.S.; there he is featured in the form of rock art dating back thousands of years. Alejandro de Esesarte depicts him in a wall sculpture and hammers the piece into low relief.

Because each piece is individually hand-crafted and painted, size and color could vary slightly.
  • Steel
  • 2.38 lbs
  • 2 inches H x 23.5 inches Diam.
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Alejandro de Esesarte