Vibrant Tree Frog

Colorful Polymer Clay Frog Sculpture (4 Inch) from Bali

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Growing up surrounded by a family of artisans, J.S. Anderson devotes his artistic career to exploring the new possibilities offered by polymer clay. Working with Meili W., he diligently forms the clay by hand into tubes that feature colorful and imaginative designs. Cross sections are cut from these tubes and carefully applied around the body of this tree frog sculpture. The vibrant frog is decorated with elaborate designs and patterns that include the image of a butterfly on its back. J.S. Anderson has worked for 25 years to perfect this millefiori-style technique, which has allowed him to create intricate and amazing designs on his sculptures. Each pattern on this sculpture is arranged by the artisans through a time-consuming process to ensure perfection.
  • Polymer clay
  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Marked with artist's initials or trademark
  • 0.17 lbs
  • 2.4 inches H x 3.9 inches W x 3.7 inches D
  • Made in Indonesia

Meet the Artist

J. S. Anderson and Meili W.