Enlightened III

Expressionist Portrait Painting

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Crowned with a diamond, a beautiful woman seems enveloped in petals. 'This is the third painting from my 'Enlightened' series,' says Sonu Chopra in India. 'Once again there is a depiction of spiritual and worldly abundance. The woman has an extravagant appearance befitting a queen and, at the same time, she is in bliss, which is quite evident by the expression of her face. The crown chakra is in full bloom. The brow chakra is illuminating like a diamond; even the heart chakra is open. These show her as the epitome of a worldly and spiritual being.'

The artist changed her name to Sona, and this is how she signs this painting. However, after consulting a numerologist, she now prefers to be known by her real name of Sonu Chopra.
  • Oil on canvas
  • 1.10 lbs
  • 22 inches W x 30 inches H
  • Made in India

Meet the Artist

Sonu Chopra