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Fuchsia and Multi-Color Striped Acrylic Knit Ruana

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Alfredo Falcon of Peru designs this striped acrylic ruana with bold colors and a mixture of geometric motifs. A touch of baby alpaca, the fine fleece from the season's first shearing, adds to the ruana's warmth and feel. Coconut shell buttons define a sleeve when buttoned. Lightweight, the ruana makes a wonderful layering piece.

Alfredo Falcon learned the craft of weaving from his parents, who learned from their parents before them. He says, “We have been a family devoted to the world of textiles for generations. I use modern colors but I remain true to Incan and colonial motifs.”
  • 90% acrylic, 10% alpaca
  • 0.37 lbs
  • 26 inches L x 35 inches W
  • Made in Peru

Meet the Artist

Alfredo Falcon