Graphite on Paper Woman with Flower Signed Painting

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This portrait represents the starting point of writing and structural composition of that which is material and which isn't. The woman, lying down, recognizes in herself the presence of that which is sacred,' says Fernando Niragob as he explains his inspired composition. 'An ho'oponopono emerges as a mantra for self-healing and cleansing from within the flower, and from within her, with the words 'Perdóname (Forgive me), Gracias (Thank you) and Te amo (I love you)' among the dispersed letters.' The Mexican artist creates this inspired composition with graphite on Fabriano paper.

Titled 'Blume' in German.
  • Graphite on Fabriano paper
  • 0.29 lbs
  • 8.3 inches W x 11.3 inches H
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Fernando Niragob