River Goddess

Hand Made Congolese Wood Mask

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A divine inhabitant of Zairian waters, this mask represents the Kasai River Goddess of the Pende people. Salihu Ibrahim hand-carves this extraordinary replica from seasoned sese wood and embellishes the face with an assortment of colorful trade beads. Wearing a stylized coiffure, the goddess is accessorized with iron earrings and red cotton tufts.

The Pende people live on the banks of the Kasai River in Zaire. Every time a river, stream or lake is purified, appreciation is shown to the gods and goddesses that inhabit the waters for their protection. Yearly and periodic rituals are therefore done to appease and thank them for their protection and longevity.

Please note this mask is crafted by hand without a previous sketch or mold. The beaded work may vary slightly in pattern and color in subsequent masks therefore rendering each one unique and exclusive.
  • Beadwork on sese wood, cotton threads
  • 2.20 lbs
  • 11.5 inches H x 7.8 inches W x 5 inches D
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Salihu Ibrahim