Huichol Essence

Huichol Cosmogony on 6-Inch Decoupage Wood Jewelry Box

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SKU: 256496
Mexico's Ana Maria Gonz√°lez honors Huichol art with the design of this jewelry box. The multicolored composition captures the essence of the Huichol cosmogony including Werika the eagle hailed as the Huichol mother, and the deer, regarded as their brother. He is the intermediary between humans and deities. Gonz√°lez masters decoupage techniques on a pinewood jewelry box featuring a floating deck that is perfect for earrings.
  • Decoupage on pinewood
  • 1.01 lbs
  • 4.2 inches H x 6.3 inches W x 5.5 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Ana Maria Gonzalez