Fun Times I

Javanese Signed Naif Style Acrylic Painting of an Elephant

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Full of inventive whimsy, this acrylic on canvas painting by Javanese artist Godek Mintorogo depicts an elephant enjoying a playful time with a pair of birds. The naif style work is a comment on the fast paced society many people live in; the artist observes, '...that every stressing situation will cause us to be tired...playing around is our way to ease out our heavy minds.' A brown background filled with green leaves, characteristic of Mintorogo's unique painting style, contrasts with the cream tones of the humorous pachyderm and the rich deep red hue of the two small birds on its back.
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 0.88 lbs
  • 31.5 inches W x 23.5 inches H
  • Made in Indonesia

Meet the Artist

Godek Mintorogo