Lacquered wood jar

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Daeng Thanunchai celebrates this lacquer container with concentric beige and russet circles on a black background. The piece is one of the artisan's latest experiments in lacquer work, as he combines traditional design with contrasting colors, resulting in a thoroughly modern adornment for the home.

To complete this piece, raintree is firstly carved into the desired shape. A mixture of lacquer - obtained from the Gluta usitata tree - and ashes of burnt rice paddy husks is then applied to the object. Upon exposure to air the mixture dries to form a watertight seal that is polished before another coat is applied. This process is repeated up to twenty times, and a final polishing is executed with sandpaper. Then several coats of pure lacquer are painted on the object, with drying periods in between each coat.

The work is partially polished with sandpaper according to a predetermined pattern - generally concentric - and a few coats of different lacquer colors are applied to the surface and the object is left to dry for a few days. The process remains identical for each ensuing color, alternating lacquering and polishing sessions until the design is achieved. The final coat is washed with water and polished with powdered fired clay, offering an irresistible sheen.
  • Lacquered raintree wood
  • For decorative use only
  • Not watertight
  • 5.36 lbs
  • 11 inches H x 7 inches Diam.
  • Made in Thailand

Meet the Artist

Daeng Thanunchai