Thoughtful Elephant

Lacquered Wood Pencil Holder

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Leaning on a log, a whimsical elephant contemplates his role in Thailand's timber industry. Nantana Sompamitre crafts a charming pencil holder in gilded black lacquer. She carves rain tree wood into the desired shape and coats it with lacquer. Once dried it is polished, and another coat is applied – up to twenty times – before as many six coats of pure lacquer are present. The final layer is polished with powdered fired clay. The piece is gilded with a technique called lai rot nam. Sompamitre engraves the motif free-hand with a sharp tool, and the piece is dusted with a wooden powder. Then the background is covered with a gummy paint, and dusted again. A thin coat of lacquer is applied to the entire surface and, before it dries, gold leaves are placed over it and firmly pressed into place. Brass rings protect the openings.
  • Gold foil, brass, rain tree wood
  • 1.06 lbs
  • 6.5 inches H x 5 inches W x 3.3 inches D
  • Made in Thailand

Meet the Artist

Nantana Sompamitre