Mother and Child

Mother and Child Madhubani Painting from India Artisan

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This striking and intricate painting of mother and child is presented by Indian artisan Vidushini. The artisan honors the tradition of Madhubani painting, a style originating in the Bihar region of India and in Nepal. A style dominated by women, Madhubani features elaborate geometric patterns and depicts themes relating to birth, marriage, and religious festivals. The woman and child painted here are adorned with ornate jewelry and traditional clothing. The use of simple red, black, and white colors suggest the fundamental bond between a mother and her child, while the bold and calm expression on the faces of both figures invites the viewer to join in an otherwise intimate family moment.
  • Acrylic on handmade paper
  • 0.13 lbs
  • 14.8 inches W x 21.8 inches H
  • Made in India

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