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Patterned Mayan Hammock (Double)

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In brown, wine, ocher and beige, this thick hammock is bordered with crocheted lace and tassels. Mexico's Maya Artisans of the Yucatan weave the hammock with ancestral techniques using doubled yarn for a thicker texture. Long before the Spanish arrived upon the coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Maya preferred to sleep and rest in hammocks. They considered the hammock to be like the loving embrace of a mother, due to the comfortable manner in which the body is held and swung within its cradle. Maya Artists of the Yucatan seek to preserve time-honored customs while also offering stylized versions of the original Maya hammock. For them, the hammock is a work of art. Their hammocks are incredibly comfortable, easy to maintain, and may be stored just about anywhere.

NOTE: Because each is woven individually by hand, measurements may vary by as much as ten centimeters. There may be slight color variations from hammock to hammock.

Please note: The accompanying extension ropes may vary in color from those shown in the images.

It easily packs for travel to the beach or lake. Extender ropes (measuring 1 meter), hammock hooks ('S' hooks), and step-by-step instructions are included for easy installation.

To wash, hook the loops together and keep out of the basin to prevent the hammock from getting tangled.
  • 100% nylon and chrome-plated steel hooks
  • 5.14 lbs
  • Bed size: 78 inches L x 67 inches W
  • Total length: 158 inches L
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Maya Artists of the Yucatan