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Across the Middle East and North Africa, the beat goes on. Inspired by music from across the globe but true to Arabic music’s deep roots, the sounds of raï’s rolling funk and the shimmering pulse of raqs sharki (“belly dance” music) tell the story of a thriving contemporary scene that stretches across the breadth of the Mediterranean.

Track list:
  • 'Kifach Hilti' by Djamel Laroussi
  • 'Lirah (Remix)' by Ali Slimani
  • 'Narbat' by Nour
  • 'Sidi H'bibi' by Jalal El Hamdaoui
  • 'Saab Alyia' by Samira Saeid
  • 'Osfour' by Watcha Clan
  • 'Itim' by Ahmed Soultan
  • 'Rai Mtelefni' by Choubene
  • 'Ajmal Gharam' by Zein Al-Jundi
  • 'Lala Torkia' by Cheb Amar
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