The Worry Doll Gang

Set of 12 Guatemalan Worry Dolls with Pouch in 100% Cotton

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Dressed in a variety of colorful dresses, 12 Guatemalan worry dolls are here to preserve ancient Maya traditions. Legend has it that the Maya Sun God gave princess Ixmucané the gift of solving people's problems. With time people started making dolls in Ixmucané's honor and they would tell her their woes, hoping she would solve them through the dolls. 'This tradition is still alive,' says Ana from the Lopez Garcia Family. 'The idea is to have many worry dolls and trust each one with whatever troubles you. Once you've told them, you put them under your pillow. It is said that during the night, while we sleep, the dolls will whisper the solution to our troubles. For us, crafting the worry dolls - muñequitas quita penas - is our main source of income.It allows us to provide our children with an education as well as a job for all of us.' The set of 12 arrives in a pedal-loomed cotton pouch.

Please expect slight variations in color and size as each doll is crafted by hand with available materials, rendering each one unique.
  • 100% cotton, polyurethane, tule, nylon, paper
  • 2 oz
  • Doll (each): 2.5 inches H x 0.8 inches W x 0.7 inches D
  • Pouch: 7 inches L x 6 inches W
  • Made in Guatemala

Meet the Artist

Lopez Garcia Family

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Wonderful design

    Posted by Jennifer on May 14th 2020

    I teach Spanish and am a Spanish Club Advisor and I bought multiple sets of these as prizes and gifts. The sets are lovely,brightly colored, and we'll made and we're well received. My students love them.

  • 5
    Don?t worry! Gang?s got you covered!

    Posted by Julie on Mar 27th 2020

    My nieces and nephews ages 5 to 10 used this cool gang for their own little games. The bag became part of the action. Lets kids become creative!! Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Fantastic Worry Dolls!

    Posted by Edward on Feb 2nd 2020

    I purchased these worry dolls as a gift and was beyond impressed with the quality! The recipient absolutely loved them!

  • 5

    Posted by Cassie on Jan 2nd 2020


  • 5
    They work!

    Posted by Kathy on Sep 19th 2019

    Love my worry dolls. I have given them to friends and keep one at work and a couple at home. Whenever something is weighing heavy on me I take a moment to breathe and relax with the dolls. They work for me. Love these colorful, rustic dolls.

  • 5
    worry dolls

    Posted by Donald on Aug 14th 2019

    Gave to my granddaughter. she worries a lot and hopefully she will learn to talk out issues to these dolls to reduce her stress.

  • 5
    Worry dolls

    Posted by Eddie on Jan 24th 2019

    These are really great things to have , i use one of them alot the other ones are on display on a dreser top. Great works ladies.

  • 5
    these make very sweet gifts ....

    Posted by Annie on Jul 29th 2018

    These sweet worry dolls became part of my Christmas gifts last year for friends and family, and I included a copy of the directions on how to place one under your pillow for better sleep. Each one has its own character and are beautifully made .....I really appreciated being able to share a worry doll with the people I love!

  • 5
    A dozen darling worry dolls

    Posted by Kristy on Sep 25th 2017

    These worry dolls are super cute. Each one is a bit different and has moveable little 'arms' on their sides. The bag, like the dolls themselves, is very well made. This set is a great buy!