Buddha Blessings

Small Bronze Buddha Figurines (Set of 3)

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Three diminutive monks all bear the visage of the Balinese Buddha in this charming figurine set by Adi Noviantara of Bali. The three small statuettes are crafted of bronze, each with a different-colored robe. Each figure has their hands held in a different mudra. The anjali mudra, used as a greeting or salutation; the dhyana mudra, a gesture of deep meditation or concentration; and the abhaya mudra, symbolic of protection and peace.
  • Bronze
  • May present miniscule pores from the crafting process
  • 1.98 lbs
  • Each: 5 inches H x 2 inches W x 1.6 inches D
  • Made in Indonesia

Meet the Artist

Adi Noviantara