Chemu Lagoon

Fair Trade Wood Throne Stool

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Chemu Lagoon lies near Accra, Ghana's capital, and its beauty proves impetus for this traditional throne by Nana Frimpong. The piece is carved by hand from local sese wood, its deep grain accentuated by a finish of mansion polish. A Gye Nyame symbol rests at the crux, its common image in Ghana translating as, 'I am afraid of none except God.' Etched with delicate geometry on the seat, this work is sure to garner admiration within any home interior.

Care instructions: The stool's regal appearance may be maintained by using a dry cloth and shoe polish. Avoid using anything wet - including water or spray polish - when cleaning the stool.
  • Sese wood
  • 14.35 lbs
  • 16.5 inches H x 22.5 inches W x 11.8 inches D
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Chief Carver Nana Frimpong