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Handcrafted Geometric Beaded Clutch in Vibrant Hues

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SKU: 437666
A precious and intricate hand-beaded work makes Arti Sharma's newest clutch unique and stunning! Crafted by Indian artisans, the bag features a myriad of glass beads, acrylic stones and sequins arranged in geometric formations, all in a palette of red, yellow, brown, black, silver, white and beige hues, whose marvelous contrast makes the whole design shine radiantly. In addition, the clutch comes with a magnetic snap closure and an interior pocket, making it perfect for any occasion.
  • 100% polyester, acrylic stones, sequins, glass beads
  • If spills occur blot immediately then spot clean with mild soap and cold water
  • 0.67 oz
  • 7 inches H x 9 inches W x 0.8 inches D
  • Made in India

Meet the Artist

Arti Sharma