Scottish Borders

Men's All-Wool Scottish Borders Cardigan

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Ruggedly built for outdoor adventure but classic enough for evenings in town, this Shetland wool cardigan is an excellent choice for travel. The sweater is knit by a 135-year-old mill in Hawick, a town along the Teviot River in the southeastern Scottish Borders known for its knitwear. Along with angling in the local rivers, Hawick outdoor culture is marked by the annual Common Riding, where hundreds of riders on horseback celebrate a 16th-century victory over an English raiding party. This Shetland wool sweater is designed to withstand the brisk weather of the British Isles. Its natural water-resistance and moisture-wicking properties keep you warm and dry. Microfiber elbow patches and quilted microfiber on the chest help resist wear and tear from bags and camera straps.
  • Ships fast from USA
  • 100% wool; microfiber patches
  • 1.00 lbs
  • Made in United Kingdom