Amina in Golden Gray

Men's Rope Wristband Bracelet

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Robert Aidoo-Taylor designs this bracelet in gray and gold in honor of Queen Amina of Hausaland. Born in 1533 in what is now known as Zaira, Nigeria, Amina was also a fierce warrior who ruled over 34 years. However, there are some who believe she was a legend and not an actual person. It is said that once when she was imprisoned she had been blindfolded and chained, sentenced to death by poison. Her executioner was given the poison in a cone-shaped bottle and was threatened with death should he spill any of it. He had to untie and remove the folds on Amina's eyes, but couldn't do so while holding the vile. When Amina was able to see how he was struggling, she told him to remove one of her bracelets and use it as a stand for the cone-shaped bottle. Upon realizing she had just saved his life, the executioner decided to help her escape rather than poison her.
  • 100% polyester over compressed recycled paper
  • Features a snap closure
  • 1 oz
  • 8.5 inches L x 0.9 inches W
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Robert Aidoo-Taylor