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Signed Madhubani Painting of Mother and Baby Elephant

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Indian artist Vidushini portrays a loving mother and joyful baby elephant strolling in the gardens using the Madhubani style of painting. Madhubani art began in the village of Maithili, of the Bihar state, originally created by women on the walls of their home. This style evolved from elaborate home decorations to becoming important aspects of festivals and eventually appealing to lovers of art both within India and internationally. The painting is signed by Vidushini, who specializes in Madhubani styles at this time and even had her artwork selected to be the cover of Delhi University's textbook, Indian History and Culture.
  • Acrylic on handmade paper
  • 0.12 lbs
  • 21.8 inches W x 14.8 inches H
  • Made in India

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