Tibetan Mantra

Tibetan Mantra Copper Bracelet

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This handsome handcrafted bracelet combines traditional Eastern medicine with one of the most significant mantras in Buddhism for an accent that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. Saying, or even reading, the words Om mani padme hum is believed to invoke the Buddha of Compassion, called Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit or Chenrezig in Tibetan. Some traditions within Eastern medicine use copper and brass for their purported power to alleviate arthritis and increase circulation. These two beliefs intertwine in a hand-hammered copper, brass, and white metal cuff. The Tibetan script for Om mani padme hum is overlaid on the face of the bracelet.

Please note: This item contains nickel and is not recommended for anyone with sensitivity to nickel.
  • Ships fast from USA
  • Copper, brass, and white metal alloy (copper/zinc/nickel)
  • 0.15 lbs
  • 6.3 inches L (end to end) x 0.7 inches W
  • Made in Nepal