Truntum Ijo

Green Truntum Patterned 100% Silk Batik Shawl

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SKU: 274302
Printed using the traditional stamp batik process, this 100% silk shawl combines traditional methods with timeless style. Designer Yuni Kristina of Indonesia uses the traditional truntum motif in shades of ijo, or green. Thought to have been designed by the Queen Kanjeng Ratu Kencana of the kingdom of Surakarta, the truntum pattern represents unconditional love and appears on this shawl in moss green over an ochre background. Jade colored kawung appear at the center of every truntum motif. Traditionally, the kawung motif represents good will toward human kind and is thought to have been designed by the King of Mataran.
  • 100% silk
  • 2 oz
  • 75 inches L x 21.8 inches W
  • Made in Indonesia

Meet the Artist

Yuni Kristina